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Sarah Douglas
Counselling and Yoga

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Whole wellness - CALM, SUPPLE, STRONG - in body and mind

I have many years experience counselling one to one with adults and young people aged 16 and over. I see people who are struggling with depression and / or anxiety; with relationship difficulties and family issues; who are facing bereavement and other kinds of loss; who feel sad. Sometimes people come to counselling because they feel terrible, but don't really know why. Some people come to counselling not because they feel particularly disrupted or unsettled, but because they want to understand themselves better. There are as many reasons as people!

The first meeting I have with a new person is free. This gives us both a chance to check out whether we believe we will work well together. If I think there would be someone better equipped to help you, I will say. If you do not want to come again, that's fine. With some people I work primarily from counselling perspective. With others, we may explore whether some simple yoga postures or breathing techniques which might help with uncomfortable or distressing symptoms. It's always up to you how we work.

As well as supporting people directly, I also offer clinical supervision for counsellors whether trainee or qualified; and one to one yoga tuition. I am based in Sheriff Hutton, which is near York, Malton and Easingwold.

During school term time, I run yoga classes suitable for beginners on Tuesday mornings in Welburn Village Hall, and on Wednesday mornings in Sheriff Hutton Village Hall. People of all abilities are welcome. Please contact me for more details.

Why Counselling and Yoga?

Don't counselling and yoga make an unusual combination?
The more I listen to people in counselling and supervision sessions and the more I read, increasingly I realise that our sense of self and well being cannot be separated from how we feel in our bodies. Take a moment or two to recall the last time you became really angry - what happened in your body? Or recall an embarassing situation - what happens to your temperature; your heart rate? If you're currently going through bereavement or another kind of loss, as well as experiencing difficult emotions and thoughts, what physical symptoms do you have?

It makes sense to me to be able to offer both counselling and yoga, in whatever combination is most suitable for the person I am working with. I offer counselling, where we explore emotional and psychological issues; trying to make sense of things, finding ways to move through difficulties. I can also help you learn to relax, to breathe better, to feel easier in your body. Yoga breathing techniques can be particularly helpful for stress and anxiety. Certain (simple) postures can also be beneficial for both depression and anxiety.

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