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Sarah Douglas
Counselling and Yoga

I never solicit testimonials, and these are all in people's own words.

Counselling - "I am coping well with the uncertain times, at the moment, with all the extra pressure involved. And this is very much thanks to you and all the work we have done together and your inspiring and thought provoking guidance. It has been particularly useful to challenge my thoughts and my daily habits, and I am grateful that daily meditation and more recently moving meditation have become part of my routine." A recent counselling client. March 2020

Yoga - "Hi Sarah just wanted to thank you for a great class. Really love the way you teach, so informative and it makes such a lot of sense the way you describe the positions and how they affect your body. You made it fun too! I'm sure we will all learn such a lot from you. Can't wait for next week now!" Jennie. Sept 2019

Counselling - "I want to thank you for being so understanding and unbiased and making me see sense in my life. You have helped me so much. I can see a bright future and now have a healthy relationship with all my family members and you have taught me coping mechanisms to continue this." NS. June 2019

Supervision - “Through our work together, you have helped me build up confidence, courage and resilience and I no longer feel that instant craving to feel safe and secure. It doesn't have to be instant now, I can work with it.” Amy Holder, recently qualified counsellor. December 2018.

Yoga - "I must tell you what an impact you had on my friend, M. She felt energised, calm and centred after the [yoga] session. So much so that she contacted a yoga teacher in the part of the country where she lives and is now having private lessons to build up her confidence prior to joining a class. M very nearly didn’t come to the class because she was so self-conscious. It was your manner and ‘energy’ as she put it, that helped her take that first step on her journey." CM. November 2018

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